Leadership Philosophy

The Leadership Paradigm

Travis Bradberry, in his book “Leadership 2.0”, shares the fact that Leaders greatly overestimate their “Adaptive Leadership” skills.

Unlike Technical or Core Leadership Skills that are limited by experience and IQ, Adaptive Skills are easy to build purely through building awareness in an individual and addressing their belief systems. What appears to be a great challenge,  is also a great opportunity for leaders to take their game to the next level. COACHING as an intervention tool does just that.

Emotional Intelligence is the Differentiator

high performers have high EI
people with high EI outperform those with high IQ
EI is the single biggest predictor of performance

Core Leadership

Adaptive Leadership

Orenda Philosophy

The Iroquois, A native American Tribe, believed that an invisible magic power pervades all natural objects as a spiritual energy. It is this energy and potential inherent in all that we wish to tap and nudge into action.

Every sight sound thought action interaction changes you in some way and you evolve.

Orenda is about the evolving you, supporting who you are becoming….

Orenda offers a platform for alternative Leadership Intervention options that can leverage potential and help growing leaders adapt to new and varied challenges of Organizations because what you know and did thus far might not be enough from here on.

Be the Leader you want to be!

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