Systemic Coaching

The organization is a system and a complex one at that. It requires individuals to work together effectively to deliver organizational results and objectives. Every individual brings his or her own experiences and capability and despite great execution plans, the effectiveness of the outcomes are often diluted due to individual likes/dislikes, beliefs, besides the play of team dynamics. The systemic approach to Coaching tries to address this challenge and improve overall effectiveness of a team by working with the system in its entirety and with the individual, to get the most optimal alignment.

This ensure system’s support for change and to effectively sustain the changes.

The process involves working alternatively with the individual and with the group. At the individual level Coach helps them understand themselves and their own challenges in aligning to the larger purpose, in a confidential environment and  at the group level, the emerging themes and group dynamics are addressed.

Leadership Coaching

For a leader to be effective in his environment, he needs to understand not only himself, but also engage effectively with the larger ecosystem. Orenda’s ‘’BEET’’ model is designed to ensure this, bringing about a holistic change within the leader and in the way he engages with his environment.

Life Coaching

Any individual who wants to meet his personal objectives will need to ensure that various aspects of his/her life is aligned and managed. Neglecting or ignoring one or more of these aspects would create stress and it would be a challenge to meet the larger objectives. Hence, at Orenda we work with clients in a holistic manner, mindful of the person in his/her entirety, ensuring that all the aspects of their life are explored and aligned to their larger goal.

Leadership Labs

Leadership LABS at Orenda have been designed primarily to build some of the skills & competencies that are required by leaders to become more effective. Emotional Intelligence being the most important of these skills. Developing these skills requires individuals to firstly become aware of their own current reality and then, how they show up before others. Become Aware, Adapt their behaviour to each situation and then Act. Given that each of our behaviours and responses are unique it is important that every individual is equipped to learn what really works for himself.

Hence, the Leadership Labs at Orenda are designed to help individuals to enhance their skills and make it effective by first learning and then experimenting on various approaches to see what really works for them. Hence, change becomes more permanent and effective.

Orenda offers various interventions for the needs of an organization and based on the specific target audience, be it Senior Leadership, Women Leaders, Middle level Leadership or First Time Leaders.

Authentic Leadership – Inspired Leadership based on TRUST

EI @ Work – Effective Leadership in a VUCA world leveraging “Emotional Intelligence” and “Resilience”

Leader as a Coach – Building empowered teams by “Managing Self” and “Empathetic Engagement”

Why Am I Here – Helping mid-level Managers/Women Leaders understand Self and align personal and professional purpose

The Leader in ME – Ownership & Empowerment for first time leaders

Become a Mentor

Leaders in organizations play the role of a mentor and a coach all the time. In a formal mentoring relationship, it is critical that the leader is equipped with the competencies required to ensure that the mentee gets true value out of the relationship. There needs to be clarity on what this relationship offers and what can be achieved enabling the relationship to be fulfilling, both for Mentor and Mentee.

“EFFECTIVE MENTORING” LAB is designed to bring together the “What’s” and “How’s” of Mentoring Conversations using Orenda’s “GEAR” Model.

Become a Coach

For those individuals who want to become a Coach themselves, Orenda has tied up with one of India’s largest Coach training organization, to offer programs that will lead to credential as a coach with the International Coach Federation “ICF”.